Hello everyone!

My name is Crystal Kusma, but since I can't stand my name you can refer to me as CK.  I really hate gendered pronouns in general, but what really bothers me is being referred to as a "girl" or "lady" so if you must refer to me, just stick to "CK."  It also bothers me when people call me a lesbian.  I am not a lesbian.  I am attracted to a person as an individual, regardless of gender identity or genitalia.

Now that we have that out of the way.

I am a feminist double-majoring in Gender&Women's Studies as well as English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I am not new to GWMST courses--I have taken quite a few.  I don't think I need GEND 354 to graduate, but that doesn't matter because I'm taking it mostly for fun anyway. I'm taking GEND 356 for my major, but I wanted to take it anyway because it seemed totally awesome. :)  I'm making it my personal mission to take every Gender Studies course that RIC currently has to offer.

My natural internet environment exists in the Facebook and Tumblr world (so feel free to friend/follow me via the links on this blog), though I have been spotted in the distant past on MySpace and even LiveJournal (do not try to find those--you will seriously regret it). I am not new to blogging--but this is the first class where I have been required to do so.

Over break I survived.  To make a long story short, lots of crap happened in my social, personal, and family spheres.  Some of which I am still trying to push through--so if I seem a bit scatter brained or otherwise distracted, this is why.  Life would not be life without chaos.

Anyway, when I'm not in class I generally waste my time on Tumblr collecting interesting pieces of the internet, playing Pokemon HeartGold, spending time with my cat or participating in online Literary Roleplay.  I also enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, art, reading and writing.  I have a diverse taste in music.  Lately I have been listening to classical.

The blog name comes from a line Marilyn Manson song that particularly stuck out to me
"I'm not a puppet, I am a grenade"
I will warn you all in advance, I will probably make a few non-class related posts.  I will tag (label) class-related posts with GEND 354 or GEND 356 so they should be easy to find.

Feel free to leave me comments on anything.  I love getting into conversations. :)

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