GEND 356: Coontz's "Why Gender Equality Stalled"

I was interested in finding infographics relating to this article because I am a visual person.
Huh.  And yet current ideology in America says that WE ARE THE BEST COUNTRY.  Yeah.  No.

It's almost like employers have never had kids.  Either that or the US really does not give a crap about our children (being the second highest in child poverty, that certainly makes it clear).

(And for that matter, the US really does not give a crap about women either).

Who needs children when you have money, am I right?

(exasperated sigh)
Work Hours and Vacation Time Around the World  Infographic
(source) Ignore that last bit about stress--unrelated to what I am trying to explore.
America:  where capitalism reigns.  Clearly it is large corporations that do not care for the well being of their employees and are totally out of touch with their reality.

Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week Infographic
More thoughts on how work hours are up and productivity is down.

Interesting break down.  This particular graphic illustrates Coontz's point on how gender equality has "hit a wall"--especially given a social context.  Well, we all know by now that you can't change policies in a meaningful way without changing the social context in which they come from.

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